Privacy policy

We clarify the usage purpose of personal information our company (hereinafter; The Company) collect and acquire, and we hereby operate the handling of personal information held by the Com­pany as the follows in accordance with our basic policy.

1. The basic attitude on personal information of the Company

The Company shall establish the "Privacy Policy" in order to respect the spirit and comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, and will be handled appropriately to establish a management system for the protection of personal information in accordance with the actual business situa­tions.

2. About the collection and/or acquisition of personal information

The collection and acquisition of personal information in the Company operations with respect to limitation of use and presentation of the purpose of use will be handled appropriately based on the Company’s internal regulations.

3. About the use of all personal information held

Personal information held by the Company will be used along with the purpose presented in ad­vance in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant regulations and laws.

Primary use
• The answer to the inquiry on the Company’s operation
• Recording and organizing details of inquiries received
• Improvement and introduction of customer services, provision of information
• Development of new services, improvement of existing services

4. About protective measure of personal information

Personal information held by the Company,
Countermeasure based on the security control measures that the Company defined has been taken for the personal information held by the Company.

In addition, we regularly conduct education and training in line with the spirit of the Personal In­formation Protection Act related to our business activities for all employees, including all officers of the Company and have been working to improve measures to protect personal information.

5. Regarding disclosure and/or provision of personal information to third parties

The Company, with the exceptions set forth in the law, will not disclose personal information to third parties without permission from the person himself and/or herself. Presenting personal in­formation to third parties is done within the scope of the purposes of use in line with the Company regulations in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant regulations and laws.

6. Regarding inquiries for disclosure and/or amendment of personal information

Disclosure, amendment, addition, removal, suspension of use, and request for deletion of personal information held by the Company is performed only for the person himself and/or herself whom the data is subject to, as a general rule, within a reasonable rage in accordance with the proce­dures prescribed by the Company.

7. About deletion and/or removal of personal information

We will delete and/or erase personal information after the completion of customer transactions (after the acquisition if no transactions are processed) based on our Company rules.However, if it is needed at the discretion of the Company, we may delete and/or remove customer’s personal in­formation without obtaining the pre and/or post consent from the customer.